Saturday, January 30, 2010

Come, Let Us Reason Together

Watching the meeting yesterday of President Obama and the U.S House of Representatives Republican Caucus threw me back 35 years ago to a kitchen table homily my father gave us at dinner one night.

Our family generally had two topics of discussion at the dinner table - religion and politics. These discussions were often contentious to say the least. However, we were steeped in biblical history and baptized in U.S. political history.

I have no idea what the discussion was about that night. Vietnam? Civil rights? Riots? Draft card burnings?

Dad reminded us that once when Abraham Lincoln was in the midst of a particularly contentious cabinet meeting he quoted Isiah 1.18 - Come, let us reason together.

We didn't always agree on every topic but we did discuss subjects without calling each other names we couldn't later apologize for. What a wonderful goal for our leaders today.

I predict the political party that tries its best to follow this line of reasoning will profit the most this November. We deserve no less.